You’re feeling challenged and frustrated by these times and yet a big part of you knows you have a great gift and purpose to fulfill.

This is the epic moment of your hero’s journey... even though you might be feeling the furthest from any kind of hero.

Everyone reaches this moment in life when they are challenged or really going for it. They have to answer the call inside and decided to keep going.

Yet you’re not sure if you should panic or call it quits.

You use to be the calm grounded one that helped others through challenges. And now you aren’t sure how to direct your own self.

This is part of every great Hero’s Journey.

Thanks for answering the call, we’d be honoured to be a support for you and offer the resources we’ve used to get unstuck and moving forward with confidence in what might feel like a very dark forest. 

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 "Helped me discover who I can be and what my potential is as a leader"

- Andrew Selbie

What Our Hero's Say

"My goals included getting past my own fears and inertia to move forward with my business. Sharon helped me recognize the ways I was holding myself back and guided me in overcoming my own barriers."
“Tim, your approach brings the perfect blend of professionalism and warmth to make the sessions work so well.”
"Sara's Transformation workshop helped change both the way I treat myself and the way I view myself which I can't thank her enough for. It's always over before you want it to be, because she somehow manages to make it fun!! Thank you Sara for being such an inspiration and for just being you!!!"

Meet Your Guides

Sara Di Felice

Sara Di Flow

Co-Founder, Flow Network

I love to help people connect to their deepest passion in ways that are both creative and inclusive. I do this by combining my joy and expertise in video storytelling, holistic wellness, inner transformation and bridging business with life.  

My passion is inspiring and documenting the evolution of what I feel is one of the greatest paradigm shifts our humanity will see; the rise of creative, heart-centred leaders.  

I co-founded Flow Network to support this shift. My vision for the Network is a conscious community of collaborative leaders who are catalysts for this profound transformation using video story-telling, education, entertainment and retreats.  

In college, I studied television broadcasting and communication media, receiving student excellence awards from CTV, a major Canadian network. Upon graduation, I worked at CTV as a master control operator before being hired by a tech start up in the broadcast industry. There, I founded the training department, travelled extensively supporting clients and international business growth and was responsible for video marketing. I also have a diploma in holistic nutrition and I have undergone extensive training and development in yoga and human behaviour via colour therapy.  

Early on, I was growing communities in health as well as business. I am on the planet to help individuals connect to what fulfils them most. This translates to exceptional results in sales, marketing, productivity, relationships and health.  

If I don’t respond to your message right away, I am probably in my hammock in a forest, on my SUP board greeting the sun as it rises over the lake or reading by a fire. I love my plants, vegan food, coffee and warm hugs.

Tim Glover

Tim Glover

Co-Founder, Light-Core Digital Enterprises Inc. & Flow Network

All my life, I have painted outside the lines. Because of that, I love to help game-changers tailor unique approaches to life and business opportunities. My clients are searching for new ways to meet today’s challenges and create a different future.

I am passionate about helping leaders realise that business transformation, done consciously, equates to the transformation of our society, our species and the planet.  

At university, I studied math and earned CA and CMA designations. At the same time, I painted, played guitar and composed music. I have always been fascinated by alternative thinkers and their expansive perspectives and I am deeply influenced by the work of Carlos Castaneda, Dr. David Hawkins, the Maharishi and Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Working at the VP and GM levels in my corporate career gave me the opportunity to see how the prevalent approach to business successfully drove the growth and expansion we experienced in the West, post World War 2. It also enabled me to see, that approach was no longer sustainable and was beginning to crumble.

As an entrepreneur, I experienced firsthand the ways in which forward thinking leaders, painting outside the lines, can create new and better ways of achieving tangible business results in ways that benefit the whole community they operate in, rather than just a small handful of people.

I have dedicated my life to bridging ancient philosophies with the way we do business, left brain and right brain thinking and legacy leaders with next-gen leaders. I firmly believe by taking this approach, we create a future that is sustainable, equitable and inclusive.

When I am not working, I love being in my painting studio, on my bike, playing guitar, connecting with and being inspired by nature and watching movies. I love laughing out loud, really great wine (especially French) and warm hugs.

Sharon Gilmour-Glover

Sharon Gilmour-Glover

Co-Founder, Light-Core Digital Enterprises Inc.

My passion and one of my greatest joys, is helping my clients see who they authentically are, learn how to create their own unique road map and live that fully in the world.

 I absolutely love working with purpose-led, heart-centred people, whose dreams are so big they disrupt the status quo and change the world.

My work sits at the intersection of business management, change & transformation and personal energy management. I have a Bachelor of Education, I’ve done graduate work in entrepreneurship, complexity and adult education, as well as lifelong learning in the personal development and energy fields.

I believe that business is the biggest lever we have for creating meaningful and lasting change in the world, which is why I work with forward thinking business leaders. I am passionate about this work, mostly because of the impact I have experienced on my own life’s journey.

Before co-founding Light-Core, a holistic business consulting boutique, I taught environmental/earth education, leadership and was a classroom teacher. I also had a shiatsu practice and was a working singer/songwriter.

I love living in the country, riding horses, good food and great wine.

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