The Big Play

November 30, 2019

What if life is merely a grand performance, and you are the playwright, director, and sole actor? In "The Big Play: Life by Design," we explore this intriguing concept where every aspect of existence—from the roles we assume to the stages we set—is entirely crafted by us.

In a world that seems to be undergoing a monumental shift, often described as the Big Pivot, we unveil a more personal transformation. It’s not the external changes that define our era but the profound internal evolutions within us, as individuals and as a collective. Renowned alternative scientists, business moguls, and political leaders concur: The true challenge isn’t climate change, economic shifts, or political uncertainty—it’s about personal behavior change. Your actions sculpt your experiences of scarcity, prosperity, peace, and conflict. 

This series invites you to reflect: Are you maximizing your role, playing BIG, or limiting your script, playing small? "The Big Play" challenges you to seize control of your narrative and reshape your world through your behavior, underscoring that everything around you is a reflection of your own making. 

Are you ready to own your role and transform your life script?  

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