The Big Pivot

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The Big Pivot: To Light Up: Start with Who? This is it! This is the phase where you LIGHT UP who you are, and just by Being you, which is essentially the same as Being Present/Presence/Flowing Love, you light up everything and everyone around you. You literally raise the consciousness on the planet at this level of Flow Consciousness.
The interesting thing about this phase is that we human beings cannot evolve in this way by ourselves. We cannot access this level of flow without the help of an experienced guide and/or aligned ecosystem, which is able to interdependently direct the integration of our wholeness.

 Within a business context, this is experienced within the context of culture, as in a company-wide, and/or, industry-wide and/or countrywide, and/or planetary transformational culture shift that transcends previously challenging limitations to enable previously impossible sustained levels of Wealth & Wellbeing for all. 

 This is the Big Pivot. 

 We believe that everyone on the planet has the potential to make this Big Pivot, either as an individual or as part of an aligned ecosystem/community.

 This type of pivot enables transcendence – referred to in scientific literature as the Maharishi Effect, and in our frame of reference, as the Internal Flow Network Effect.